Lodge Icon Image Lodge #1504
2013-14 Elected Officers
Governor Dale Coyle
Administrator Tim Gaverth
Junior Governor J Colt
Treasurer Joseph Chippich
Prelate James Watson
Trustee (1 Year) Michael O'Neale
Trustee (2 Years) Dale Holmes
Trustee (3 Years) Mr. Dennis Gage
Activities Michael O'Neale
Auditing Michael Shawver
Communications Tim Gaverth
Community Service James Watson
Government Relations J Colt
Loss Prevention J Colt
Membership Tim Gaverth
Moose Legion Michael Shawver
Sergeant At Arms Darrin Forrester
Inner Guard Elmo Poland
Chapter Icon Image WOTM Chapter #1327
2013-14 Elected Officers
Senior Regent Lillian Woods
Chaplain Dawn Colt
Moose Charities Nancy Strouse
Publicity Sandra Coyle
Family Involvement Kathy Corvia
Educational Advancement Yu Ying Johnson
Guide Lisa Forrester
Star Recorder Alma Beghtol
Application Review Commmittee Margaret O'Neale
College of Regents Jean Gaverth
Audit Jean Gaverth
Youth Involvement Myra Patterson
Academy of Friendship Margaret Woodworth
Mooseheart/Moosehaven Claire Lancaster
Community Service Martha Hayes
Health Awareness Melissa Beam
Membership/Retention Bernadette Vesper
Assistant Guide Pauline Reel
Governor History
Tim Gaverth 2012-13
Michael Shawver 2011-12
B A Fladung 2010-11
Dale Holmes 2009-10
B A Fladung 2008-09
Tim Gaverth 2008-09
Dave Sopata 2007-08
Lance Carlisle 2006-07
Lance Carlisle 2005-06
Robert Mitchell 2004-05
George Kopchak 2003-04
Joseph Curran Jr. 2003-04
Joseph Curran Jr. 2002-03
Harold Fields Jr. 2001-02
William Herrell 2000-01
Harold Fields Jr. 1999-00
B A Fladung 1999-00
Harold Fields Jr. 1999-00
Robert Mitchell 1999-00
John King 1998-99
John King 1997-98
Mark Mitchell Pg 1996-97
Leon Switzer 1995-96
Karl Konfederak 1994-95
Adam Pezold 1993-94
William Pinkard 1992-93
William Pinkard 1991-92
Adam Pezold 1990-91
Adam Pezold 1989-90
Stephen Eichhorn 1988-89
Stephen Eichhorn 1987-88
Karl Konfederak 1986-87
Senior Regent History
Josephine Smith 2012-13
V Emery 2008-09
Trudie Thompson 2007-08
Belinda Mitchell 2006-07
Jean Gaverth 2005-06
Mary Saunders 2004-05
Linda Amigh 2003-04
Donna Jones 2002-03
Dorothy Grauel 2001-02
Claudette Kline 2001-02
Elizabeth Hall 2000-01
Margaret Woodworth 1999-00
Margaret Woodworth 1998-99
Verelda Francis 1998-99
Verelda Francis 1997-98
Juanita Beach 1997-98
Edna Bogerd 1996-97
Juanita Beach 1995-96
Dorothy Grauel 1994-95
Mary Bean 1993-94
Gloria Coker 1992-93
Virginia Collison 1991-92
Evelyn King 1990-91
Dolores Alcorn 1989-90