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Saturday, January 11, 2020
Double Moose Rewards Offered to Sponsors

Double Moose Rewards can be earned by every sponsor, through the end of February, 2020. For every new and former member reported and accepted in January and February double Moose Rewards will be given, getting you closer to redeeming valuable incentives. Ask someone today!!
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Administrator's Message
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Laurel Moose Lodge 1504 has merged with Wheaton Moose Lodge 1775 effective February 5, 2020. For more information, please contact the Wheaton Moose Lodge 1775 Board of Officers directly; mail PO Box 6307, Silver Spring, MD 20916-6307; e-mail lodge1775@mooseunits.org; Lodge Office Telephone 301-598-5594; or on facebook at Wheaton Moose Family Center # 1775.

Lodge Mooseherd News Letter can be viewed at http://mdmoose.org/lodge/Lodge_News_Letters/1775%20Wheaton/2020-02.pdf.

Wheaton Moose Lodge 1775 is located at 2901 Bel Pre Road, Silver Spring, MD 20906.
Governor's Message
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